Fillo Pastry Dough #7 (14 x 18”) - 454g

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A common spelling for the dough is "phyllo" and is derived from the Greek “Phyllon” meaning “leaf”. Phyllo dough is like a leaf isn't it? "Filo", or "Fillo", are less common variations of spelling but mean exactly the same thing and are totally acceptable. So we say fillo, but you can say phyllo or filo.

By definition, fillo is unleavened flour dough formed into very thin sheets or leaves. The usual preparation of fillo dough is by layering the sheets basted with butter or olive oil to become a top crust, or a pocket for savory or sweet fillings. In practice it’s used by wrapping or folding the fillo in a variety of shapes to hold a wide variety of fillings. Yes it is flaky and delicious!

Our versatile, all purpose fillo pastry doughs are suited to a wide range of phyllo dough recipes. Our fillo dough is easy to work with and handle. It comes in a variety of thicknesses from very thin (#4) to country style. Our fillo also comes in several sheet sizes to accommodate your baking pan sizes.

You can make phyllo appetizers, entrees or desserts with almost no effort using our dough. Fillo is perfect for sweet or savory recipes. Our fillo contains very little fat, no cholesterol, no trans fats and is vegan.

This #4 fillo is made in 14x18" sheets and is our thinnest fillo dough. It is perfect for almost every recipe. With this fillo dough you can create a wide variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Please note that our fillo contains very little fat, NO CHOLESTEROL and NO TRANS FAT. Must purchase at least 3 rolls. Safe for Vegans.

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