John Ross Jr Cold Smoked Salmon with Cracked Black Pepper (100g x 2)

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Product is available in packs of 100g packs, RM 50.00 for 2 packs

John Ross Jr Scottish Smoked Salmon are Smoked in 163 year old Traditional Red Brick Kilns using time-honoured and Rare Cold Smoking methods. This Traditional way of smoking produces the most succulent flavor and tender texture of smoked salmon available today. Their recipe, passed down from generations, results in a luscious and rich flavor - how smoked salmon should really taste like. Made without artificial flavourings or preservatives, only the freshest salmon are sourced from sustainable farms. John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon are Hand Prepared and packed with goodness, including Omega3 fatty acids. John Ross Jr Aberdeen are appointed suppliers to the Royal Household.

John Ross Jr Scottish Cold Smoked Salmon uses the most traditional methods and recipes. Without artificial flavourings and preservatives. Translucent in appearance, it tastes richly succulent and luscious. High in Omega 3. Best served Cold.                                         

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