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Product packing is in packs of 12 pieces

Sakoshi Bay Oysters are from Akoh City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Sakoshi Bay’s location next to an uninhabited Island called Ikishima where the waters in the bay are pristine and nutrient rich: this is ideal for Oyster cultivation. All the oysters are harvested ONCE a year in May when the oysters are at its Plumpest. It has a Rich Milky, Umami and Briny taste. Sakoshi Bay Oysters are farmed by Artisans, Okawa San and his family. During Harvesting, each Oyster is Cleaned, Ripened and UV Sterilized before being Quick frozen in a Proton Freezer. Sakoshi Bay Oysters are frozen Fullshell so that there is no loss in terms of taste, texture, juiciness and quality. In Fullshell, no Glazing is required and there is no chance for bacterial contamination.

Sakoshi Bay Pacific Oysters are quick frozen using the most advanced freezing technology from Japan. No shucking is required and is very easy to open once defrosted. It is Sashimi grade and can be eaten Raw. It is very Plump with a taste profile described as: Rich Creamy, Briny and Umami with a hint of cucumber.

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